Daniel Merriweather – Not Giving Up (It’s not a single, single)

Posted: March 12, 2012 in It's not a single, single

Today’s track which hasn’t been released as a single, comes from Australian singer Daniel Merriweather…

The track features on his second studio album – Love & War album released in 2009 in the UK where it went platinum – and 2010 in the US…

Image source – tone.net.au

Four tracks off the album – ‘Red’ and ‘Change’ were released as singles – and featured on the UK Top Ten Singles Charts.

Another two tracks – ‘Impossible’ and ‘Water and a Flame’ which featured Adele were also released as singles but didn’t garner as much success (goodness know’s why?!) – peaking at number 67 and 180 on the UK Singles Charts respectively…

The track off the Love & War album which I think would have made for a create single is track number 8 titled: Not Giving Up.

Buy this track or the entire album on iTunes


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