3-year-old boy finds live grenade during Easter egg hunt

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Wacky News

Hand grenade web stock

Pre-school parents in Britain got a scare on Saturday after a 3-year-old boy found a live hand grenade during an Easter egg hunt.

More than two-dozen kids between the ages of two and five had just finished prowling for eggs in a field near the town of Holford, Somerset when one dad spotted a boy standing on something, according to local reports.

“It was brown and about four inches high. It looked like an Easter egg, but it was a hand grenade,” Stuart Moffatt, 34, told the British press.

“I was shocked. The boy who was standing on it thought it was a rock.”

Moffett, who was at the egg hunt with his wife and three children, quickly alerted organizers from the Stowey Bears Pre School group, and local police and an Army bomb squad soon arrived.

The squad cordoned off the area and closed a nearby road before detonating the device at the scene.

The highway was reopened hours later, authorities said.

Truck driver Paul Gibbard, 40, whose two daughters had also been hunting for eggs, said locals believed the grenade was a wartime relic.

“Apparently there used to be an American Army base in Holford during the Second World War,” he told the Daily Mail. “I think it has to be something to do with that.”

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