30 Seconds to Mars – Vox Populi

Posted: April 10, 2012 in It's not a single, single

It’s not a single, single – basically is a track that was released on a album by either a well known or not so well known artist – but the track was never released as a single by the artist or the record label – and I think it should have been…

Si my selection for today’s It’s not a single, single – comes from This is War – the third studio album from 30 Seconds to Mars.

Several tracks off the “This is War” album were released as singles – including:
Night of the Hunter
Kings and Queens
The title track off the album: This is War
Then there was also Hurricane
And Closer to the Edge                                                                                                                         Source – Wikipedia

The track which I think should have been released as a single – but wasn’t – is track number 8 off the 2009 “This is War” album…

It’s titled – Vox Populi. It does take some time for the song to get going – but I agree with front man Jared Leto’s claim that when you hear the song it gives you the “feeling of all-conquering optimism”.

Here it is… Enjoy!

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