AHMIR ft Casper – Turn up the Music

Posted: April 10, 2012 in YouTube Track of the Day

My YouTube track of the day involves me scouring through YouTube and sifting through video’s uploaded by well know and not so well known YouTube artists and wannabe’s until I come across a track that is worthy of being played just for you…

My selection today actually features a collaboration of two YouTube artists each successful in their own right on the video site…

The one is a group of four vocalists who go by the name Ahmir… They have actually been rated as the number one most popular R&B Group on YouTube. The other is a kid who calls himself Casper…

Now I’ll be honest – at first I was going to skip past this song when I saw that Casper seemed like another Justin Bieber… But I figured – I ought to give credit where there is talent. Casper was born in 1995 (which doesn’t make me feel inadequate at all :P) he is from a little town in the Netherlands and made it to the top 15 of the Netherland’s version of ‘Popstars’…

So here is my YouTube Track of the Day selection: It’s Ahmir featuring Casper – with their rendition of Usher’s track – Turn up the Music


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