Top 10 Marriages Which Lasted Less Than 1 Year

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Top Ten Lists

Top 10 Marriages which lasted less than a year; according to

10. Colin Farrell & Amelia Warner (4 months)

– Colin Farrell actually had Warner’s name tattooed on his ring finger…

9. Dennis Hopper & Michelle Phillips (8 Days)

8. Jennifer Lopez & Chris Judd (4 months)

– Jennifer Lopez had a number of failed marriages, including this one to Chris Judd. She was married to Puff Daddy, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony and those too failed.

7. Charlie Sheen & Donna Peele (4 months)

– He actually claimed she was trying to suffocate him. While married, he also elicited the services of prostitutes from Heidi Fleiss.

6. Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman (6 months)

– They got married in a small chapter in Las Vegas in November of 1998. Electra filed for divorce in April of 1999. The plans for divorce began 10 days after marriage.

5. Nicholas Cage & Lisa Marie Presley (3 months)

– The couple wed in August of 2002. They separated for divorce in December of the same year. Presley made a statement later on saying they should not have been married in the first place.

4. Drew Barrymore & Jeremy Thomas (19 days)

3. Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon (10 weeks)

– They were married on October 9th of the same year. By December 4, Anderson was already filing for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

2. Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries (72 Days)

– They were married on August 20, 2011. 72 days later, Kardashian filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences

1. Britney Spears & Jason Allen Alexander (55 hours)

– The couple was married for 55 hours before they called it quits. They cite Britney Spears’ lack of judgement at the time as reason for annulment.

Source – Top10List


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