Corey Gray – Here Without You

Posted: April 22, 2012 in YouTube Track of the Day

My selection today comes from a guy by the name of Corey Gray… His YouTube Channel – Official Corey Gray has received just shy of 4-million views since uploading his first cover song nine months ago…

Because of the success that he has experienced on YouTube he released an album which is also available on iTunes. It is very aptly named Discovery with the letters cover in the title a different colour – so in essence he is embracing the fact that he performs covers.

Trending Records wrote a perfectly simply bio about the guy – “Corey first began playing drums at the age of 10. Soon after, he picked up guitar, piano, and bass and began playing shows in the Dallas area with his first band, The Gym Class Dropouts. Although he loved being the drummer for the group, he began writing music to perform solo at local coffee shops and small venues. Corey continues to pour his soul into every chord and lyric at local venues and clubs all over Hollywood.”

So my YouTube track of the day comes from Corey Gray – this is his cover of 3 Doors Down track – Here Without You… Now those are some really big shoes to fill if you ask me cause I am a huge 3 Doors Down fan. But when I heard this I was like Whoa! He also plays the piano in this track as well as laying down the vocals.


Download this song here


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