Top 10 Celebrities Who Survived a Coma []

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Top Ten Lists

Top 10 Celebrities Who Survived a Coma: according to

10. Burt Reynolds (8 hours)


– In 1983 Reynolds got addicted to Painkillers – and in 1992 he decided to give them up altogether but his body went into shock as a result he fell into a coma.

9. Jayceon Taylor (Game) (3 Days)

– in 2001 Game was selling drugs and was attacked by two men in his apartment who shot him five times in an execution-style murder attempt. He was able to still use his cell phone to call an ambulance but went into a coma soon after.

8. Stan Getz (3 Days)

1228652812 Stan-Getz
– Legendary Saxophonist who tried to commit suicide after his failed attempt to rob a drug store of morphine… The cops caught up with him just after he took a hand full of relaxation drugs and he collapsed in prison going into a coma for three days…

7. Martin Lawrence (3 Days)

– In August of 1999, Martin Lawrence decided to take a jog in 38-degree heat while wearing a number of layers of clothing. After running for a while, Martin collapsed from heat exhaustion and was rushed to the hospital. He had to learn to walk after the coma!

6. Stevie Wonder (4 Days)

Stevie Wonder 12
– August of 1973 Stevie was in a car crash where the car driven by his cousin crashed into one fo those trucks that carry huge logs – apparently one of the logs crashed through the windscreen and actually knocked him unconscious.

So who are the top 5 celebs that survived a coma? See if you can guess – email – I’ll let you know straight after this…

5. Jerry Garcia (5 days)

Young Jerry Garcia
– American Musician / Guitarist for the band the Greatful Dead. Am I the only one that see’s the irony in the name of his band… Anyway – in 1986 this guy collapsed and entered a diabetic coma, resulting from an infection in an abscessed tooth.

4. Ozzy Osbourne (8 Days)

– I remember actually watching this on The Osbournes on MTV back in the day… in 2004 Ozzy was on his quad bike on their English Estate when he hit a pothole and was catapulted over the handlebars knocking him out cold… After the crash, it was reported that Osbourne “died twice” and his bodyguard Sam brought him back to life CPR after which he went into a coma for eight days.

3. Sharon Stone (9 Days)

418985 300
– On September 29, 2001, Sharon Stone was hospitalized after experiencing a subarachnoid hemorrhage – which is similar to an aneurysm. She had to undergo a 7 hour operation to stop the bleeding on her brain.

2. Evel Knieval (29 Days)

– In 1967 Evel was going to jumped over the famous fountain at Ceasars palace in Las Vegas as part of a New Years show but the jumped went terribly wrong and he crshed into the car park… As a result of the crash, he suffered a crushed pelvis and femur. He broke his hip, wrist, both ankles, and experienced head trauma that kept him in a coma for 29 days.

And the number one celebrity who survived a coma…

1. Gary Busey (33 Days)

– On December 4, 1988, Busey was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. He was not wearing a helmet during the crash and fractured his skull. Due to intense swelling and bleeding, doctors initially feared that Gary would suffer from permanent brain damage, but he miraculously emerged from a coma 33 days later…

So that is your list of the “Top10 Celebrities Who Survived a Coma”…

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