Tim Harakal – I Won’t Give Up

Posted: April 24, 2012 in YouTube Track of the Day

My selection today comes from guitarist/vocalist Tim Harakal and percussionist Julian Gavin and the first video of theirs that I actually found was an entry into an online music cover competition that was run by Perez Hilton. I then went searching for more of Tim Harakal’s videos on YouTube and found his YouTube channel which he started 7 months ago. And in that space of time he actually hasn’t received as many views as I thought he would have – it’s got a little over 111 000. Why has this guy not been discovered properly yet?!

A bit of Tim’s bio on his site reads like this: “Tim Harakal’s self-taught hands are at one with the guitar strings, they have become an extension of his heart, soul, and spirit. Influenced by his favorite band Metallica, his music morphed into an acoustic art form with a pop-rock edge. He’s written and recorded 40+ songs during his college years, many times in lieu of going to class. He dropped out of his biology major with one semester to finish and began playing coffee shops, cafes, opera houses, pubs etc. in the greater Philadelphia area.”

In the end I decided to go with the very first video of his that I found… Here it is – Tim Harakal and Jules – with their rendition of the Jason Mraz track – I Won’t Give Up.


Click the image below to check out his track and latest album on iTunes:

  1. cameron fielding says:

    If you liked that, check this out…..http://vimeo.com/27313759

  2. Louis Holler says:

    What an awesome artist.

  3. Tim is wonderful I love his voice, is a cute lolol also beautiful, it is to be congratulated cover many want to hear him, and his own songs.
    tim kisses of your fan Mileny Ribeiro of Brazil

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