Cathy Nguyen ft. Jason Chen – Perfect

Posted: May 1, 2012 in YouTube Track of the Day

My YouTube Tracks of the Day is from a gal by the name of Cathy Nguyen and guy by the name of Jason Chen… Botyh very established on YouTube – each in their own right.

Cathy started her channel 4 years ago (called lilcdawg) and it has received more than 41.6-million views and was at some stage in 2010 – one of the top 50 most subscribed to channels on YouTube.

Cathy was actually featured in an article in the New York Times a few years ago about really talented Asian-American musicians who don’t get lots of airplay or television time because producers fear American audiences won’t receive them well…

23 year old Jason Chen started his channel (called miniachilles) also four years ago – and it has received more than 105-million views!

Jason Chen has really capitalised on his YouTube success starting an organisation / production company / apparel brand called Music Never Sleeps…

The track I have chosen for you was loaded in March last year and has gotten just shy of over 800 000 views…

This is my YouTube track of the Day – Cathy Nguyen ft Jason Chen – with their cover of Pink’s track; Perfect.


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