71-year-old faces eviction for spraying weedkiller in neighbour’s face, blaring rap music and having sex in garden

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Wacky News

A grandmother faces eviction from her home after waging a 12-year campaign of harassment against her neighbours during which she made their lives a ‘living hell’.

Joan Nisbet, 71, sprayed weedkiller in a woman’s face, blared gangster rap music, took part in naked sex acts and drove one neighbour to the brink of suicide.

Joan Nisbet (above) faces being evicted from her Croydon home after waging a 12-year campaign of harassment against her neighbours

In an unprecedented move, Croydon Council in Surrey have applied to place a closure order on her home in Kenley – a procedure normally used for shutting down drug dens.

Town hall chiefs are also applying for her to be given an ASBO, stopping her from visiting her house, which she owns, and those of her neighbours.

Nisbet, currently serving a four-month prison sentence for breaching a restraining order in January, appeared in court on May 1 as the council applied to have her evicted from her home for three months.

After the hearing, Croydon Council spokesman Danny Brierley said: ‘The order would evict her from her home for three months and, if her behaviour does not show improvement within that time, we will apply for another three-month extension.

‘We are also applying for an antisocial behaviour order which would prevent her from visiting her own or her neighbours’ homes in Kenley.’

During her 12-year campaign, she:

– Sprayed weedkiller into the face of neighbour Lorraine Crowley, 55, and threw a pot of paint over 47-year-old Maria Bignell;

– Blared music from gangsta rap group NWA, along with Eminem and Queen songs into the early hours;

– Took part in sex acts with a boyfriend in the garden, forcing Maria and husband Mark into building a 7ft 6in fence.

– Threatened to kill Mrs Bignell’s children.

– Drove Mrs Crowley’s husband, Paul, to the verge of taking his own life.

In September, she was hit with a suspended jail sentence and a restraining order – but was hauled back in front of judges after she viciously mocked Mr Crowley for trying to commit suicide.

At her trial in September, Mrs Crowley, 54, told Croydon Magistrates Court: ‘She is evil. The past year has been hell. She terrorised the whole neighbourhood, insulting the children and playing music so loud you could hear it all down the road.’

Mrs Bignell later added: ‘The 12 years of living next to her have been a living hell.

‘It is about time the council acted. I hope she has her house taken away from her permanently. She does not deserve one.

‘She is a nightmare, so we are glad the council are now doing something about it.’

The closure order hearing has been adjourned until May 28.

Image / Source – DailyMail.co.uk


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