This is my little personal blog… It features random things that have little or no meaning what so ever. Its here for me to add ish to; if and when I feel like it.

A bit about me – I studied Radio Broadcasting at Boston Media House and went on to work as a News Reader at Yfm for two years (for which i was nominated for an MTN Radio Award in 2012: News Bulletin Reader: Commercial).

My passion for radio and broadcasting remains alive – as I pursue my goals in the industry.

I am currently doing corporate voice over work for a medical company and am interning at Primedia’s iFM.

I spend my time socialising with close friends (and sometimes randoms that I hardly ever see) and recently re-signed up at a gym in my bid to better my health (cough cough) and to work on improving those guns (tickets any one?).

When not socialising and gyming (well; atleast thinking about it) then I am probable in front of the computer or TV catching up on my favourite shows or satisfying my hunger to know what is going on in the world and specifically in the music industry.

uh… yeah. That’s a wrap.


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